The Origin of our family owned business

Dworshak Reservoir and the Clearwater River is our playground at Miller Marine Services & Accessories, llc

Our slogan is: “We’ll get you on the water fast!”

Note: if you have any inquiries,  you are free to give us a call at, 208-476-0795
Or you can email us by clicking on the little green envelope at the top right-hand side.

When we originally started thinking about our business it was to manufacture specific products that all boaters could use, we have at least one of our designs (as a Prototype on our boat). We, however, are not doing much manufacturing, at this time but it is a future goal. We knew that we needed to start making some money before dipping our feet into manufacturing, so we thought, we could do service work on boats and engines in the evenings and on weekends to start making the capital necessary to start manufacturing. Apparently, our customers had other ideas.

July 2010 was our start. Before the end of June 2011, my husband Ron, had to quit his full time job and work fulltime at Miller Marine. At that time, we had one part time employee, mostly answering phones and doing some mechanicing. We, Ron and I, would have work to do in the evenings and on the weekends. By August 2011, we had my husband, 2 fulltime employees, and one part time (doing maintenance, answering phones mostly) and me. I was still working full time at another job; doing the books, helping with servicing and ordering parts in my evenings and weekends.

I could not keep up with the work load and started working at Miller Marine fulltime June 1, 2012. Owning this business is a dream come true for us, but being a business owner is not for the fate at heart. There is a lot of risk, long hours and days you wonder if you took leave of your mind.

Today, we have 2 fulltime, Ron and I fulltime: then Job per Job and/or summer part time and/or subcontractors. In the summer we run between 4-6weeks behind, which is both good and bad, good because we have a lot of work, bad because people want their boats.
We mostly service boats (change oil, install electronics, troubleshoot and repair issues, etc.) from the ground to the top from bow to stern and all THINGS boat/trailer. We can customize the interior of a boat and we do fiberglass and aluminum repairs. We sell parts to customers that like to work on their own boats. We have a growing boat accessories area everything from life jackets to fire extinguishers, from anchors to zinc tabs and we have access to 1000’s of items people may want to have for they boat. If it is not immediately available we work very hard to find it. We are government contractors and do on some occasions manufacture products for them, special orders, as we like to call them.

We are not afraid of new challenges, we are hardworking, honest, and have fair pricing. We don’t lie, steal or cheat our customers. Most of our customers like our friendly hometown, family feeling. We treat every customer as an important friend, because they are. The other reason we have developed a good customer base is “we do what we say we are going to do, nothing more nothing less, if we notice an issue that was not written on the work order we call the customer with our concerns and leave it up to our customer to decide if they can or want it addressed.

We work on all marine engines, Tohatsu is the main engine we sell and service. We work on Johnson, Evinrude, OMC & BRP; Mercury, Mecruiser; Volvo Penta; Yamaha; Suzuki; Honda. We work on both prop driven and jet drive engines.

We are the only Tohatsu dealer in the area, April 2015 was when we started selling these engines. These are outboard engines. Tohatsu has been a fabulous company to work with. The engines have a five year warranty and come in in a variety of sizes TLDI (2 stroke, low pressure, direct fuel, injection) and 4 stroke, horsepower ranges from 2.5hp thru 250hp.

We really have no competition in Orofino area, Lewiston and Clarkston do have service/repair shops, but by word of mouth we are slowly getting a lot of that market. We have customers from Idaho Falls to Priest Lake, from Montana to Oregon.

Our hourly rate is$95/hour, we also have mobile rates and on the water rates. We offer pick up & delivery for a fee.  

We send out annual and/or bi-annual notices/flyers to our customers, usually in the spring (to remind people about servicing and checking their systems before heading out) and once in late summer (reminding people of the importance of winterizing their equipment). We are doing some social media marketing with Facebook, Craigslist. We are a member of the Chamber of Commerce, and have some signage along Highway 12 along with at least half a dozen boats lined up.  RV parts are a lot the same as boat parts, so we may be able to help get you a part you need for your RV.  And we can definitely help with batteries for your RV. 

47447 US-12, Orofino, Idaho  83544

Winter: November 1st to March 1st
Tuesday - Friday 8am to 4pm
Saturday 8am to 3pm

Summer: March 1st - Oct 31st
Tuesday - Friday 8am to 5pm
Saturday 8am to 3pm

If we get busy enough we will open on Mondays and cut Saturdays to 1pm.  Right now absolutely closed Sundays. Mondays are with prior arrangement for drop off/pick up only.

  • Wax/Detail - $75.00/hr
  • Shop Rate - $100.00/hr
  • Out of Town - RUSH $125.00/hr
  • Mobile Rate - from Shop $125.00/hr
  • On the Water - from Shop $200.00/hr

Sorry, we do not QUOTE!!  We can estimate, but it will ALWAYS be on the high side.  Ask us why.

Other services include, engine sales, boats that customers are trying to sell and recommendations for cosmetic repair. Ron and Nadine operate a family-oriented and trustworthy company that you will feel very comfortable to bring your boat back for future services. As many people know in business, reputation is crucial. Ron and Nadine would like you to be happy and hopefully have you on the water in no time. Feel free to contact them via Facebook, email, or phone. We look forward to servicing your needs. Happy fishing!

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